"I have become more aware of my actions and decisions and how they affect others."

- BGCCW Cowboy Ethics participant

“I think more everyday heroes are just what America needs - especially right now."


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More than 800 individuals from 230 organizations have been trained in our programs. Using a 3-Step Programmatic Strategy, leaders and teachers learn how to connect with youth and help them travel down their own path of self-discovery to answer 3 Key Questions:


What do I believe?


Why do I believe it?


How do I live my life in a way that shows it?

If you’d like to learn how to connect with youth and help them build a foundation of values and character, join us for our next Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics training!

available training options

Be Somebody Training Includes:

  • Both curricula
  • Full-day training
  • Three-year certification 
  • Access to curriculum updates & monthly newsletters


  • 8 Attendees must be registered 10 days in advance or training may be postponed
  • Payment is due no less than 10 business days in advance.

Payments can be made via check by mail or credit card over the phone ($5 fee applies).

Be Somebody:
Cowboy Ethics Trainings

$350 per participant

Held in Casper, WY

PTSB Credit available upon request.

Onsite Trainings

Contact for specific group pricing

Trainings held at your site

PTSB Credit available upon request

Onsite Training Includes:

  • Both curricula for each participant
  • Training supplies & Trainers Fees
  • Three-year certification 
  • Access to curriculum updates & monthly newsletters.

Additional fees for travel costs & lodging 

No refund five business days prior to training date. 

1/2 refund available up to 5 business days prior to event.

"This training was so informative and fun. I was engaged the entire time!"

cowboy ethics participant

"You will have a level of clarity, resolve, & confidence that sets you apart.”


Two separate curricula have been developed with over 500 pages of lessons and activities designed to inspire youth on their own path of self discovery.

Curriculum is ONLY available to individuals who attend a full day Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics training.

"If you live with integrity, I promise you’ll be happier."


Youth Trainings

2-3 Day Options

Includes Trainer Fees & Activity Supplies

         Travel & Lodging additional                 (as applicable)

2-Day Retreat (12 training hours)

3-Day Retreat (18 training hours)

If more than 30 students in attendance, 2 trainers will be needed and pricing is increased.

“Third on my list of must-haves is grit, which cowboys call 'Try.'”


Conference Workshops

$100 an hour

Includes Trainer Fees & Activity Supplies

          Travel & Lodging additional                  (as applicable)

In-Class Lesson Facilitation & All-School Assemblies

Inquire for pricing | Fees Dependent on Situation