In the 2016-2017 school year, of all Cowboy Ethics participants surveyed in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, as well as the various outreach sites, there was a marked percentage increased improvement in several areas, as noted below …

Outreach participants showed improvement

Optimism 67%
Courage & Diligence 65%
Authenticity & Truthfulness 64%
Dependability 63%
Fairness 58%
Respect & Honor 55%

Club participants showed improvement

Optimism 68%
Courage & Diligence 59%
Authenticity & Truthfulness 65%
Dependability 56%
Fairness 61%
Respect & Honor 60%


Curriculum is only available to those who attend a full day Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics training and become a certified Wyoming Youth Initiative Instructor (WYII).  It is incredibly important to us that any individual implementing the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics curriculum or lessons be fully trained in program implementation, as well as the culture and process that are key to the success of the 3-Step Programmatic Strategy.

Although we do not create nor provide books or display materials for the Code of the West, several options are available at the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership website.

There are two options for training: For individuals, we would love to have you join us for a Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics training in Casper, Wyoming. See the Upcoming Events page for more details.

For groups, it is often more convenient and cost effective for the trainers to come to your site. Please visit our request a training page to contact us regarding your specific situation.

We like to say that the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics program is like water; it can fit into any container that you have available. If you would like to run Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics in your classroom / program area, it is quite effective as a small group character education program. However, full school implementation has been successful in several locations. In our experience, the fidelity of the program is dependent upon staff buy-in and ownership. Therefore, if you would like a full school or full organization implementation, we would like to discuss the possibility with you before agreeing to a training.

Contact Us.