Lesson Of The Month

Intended Use:

The resources on this page are intended for trained Wyoming Youth Initiative Instructors. WYI Instructors please feel free to utilize these documents and links in your implementation of the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics program.

If you are not a certified WYI Instructor, we would love to have you join us at one of our upcoming trainings to become certified.


The Elementary Edition is geared for grades K-5 & includes the Values portion of the program with a ‘Word of the Month’ focus.

The Number Game

Monthly Focus

September – Respect & Community
October – Duty
November – Optimism
December – Holidays
January – Honor
February – Heart
March – Fairness
April – Cour
May – Authenticity

Ten Principles

1) Live Each Day With Courage
2) Take Pride In Your Work
3) Always Finish What You Start
4) Do What Has To Be Done
5) Be Tough, But Fair
6) When You Make A Promise, Keep It
7) Ride For The Brand
8) Talk Less And Say More
9) Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
10) Know Where To Draw The Line


The Secondary Edition is geared towards grades 6-12 & includes the Ten Principles to Live By from James P. Owen’s book “Cowboy Ethics”.