Final Project

Capstone Project

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the “Code of the West Principles” in each member’s life.

Students are encouraged to imagine themselves as a songwriter in their favorite genre. Then write the lyrics to a song about what “The Code of the West” has meant to them, as well as include their personal 11th Principle.

Students research and choose an individual that may or may not live by The Code of The West. In their essay, they use their research to argue whether or not their chosen individual is following the principles found in The Code of The West.

Students are encouraged to imagine they are a college student trying to convince their peers to take “The Code of The West” class. They write a personal statement about what the course has meant to them and why someone should be involved.

Students are encouraged to imagine they are an award-winning poet or author who has just finished “The Code of the West” program. In this role, they compose a children’s book for publishing.

Students can employ their personal creativity to express themselves using visual arts talents, in order to create their own interpretation of the “The Code of The West”. Many different mediums are allowed, including drawing, painting, baking, welding, sculpture, photography, and more!

Throughout the process of taking Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics courses, students in Casper, Wyoming are provided an opportunity to earn a Character Ethics Certification through a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming and the Center for Cowboy Ethics & Leadership. A final component to earn the certification is to complete a final project.

Past Projects


Persuasive Essays



Personal Creativity

Children’s Book