Teaching Youth to...

Live with courage. Be tough but fair. Ride for the brand. Take Pride in their work. Talk less, Say More. Keep their promises.

In 2005, inspired by his work on Wall Street, James P. Owen penned the book 'Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West.' This beautifully written book and its timeless Principles became the basis for the Wyoming State Code, which was written into law in July 2010.

Designed to Inspire. Not Instruct.

Shortly after that, Mr. Owen approached the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming interested in developing a youth program based on the Code of the West. What began as a simple 20 lesson curriculum has now expanded to over 500 pages of lessons and activities which inspire youth along a path of self discovery.

We provide professional training to implement the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics Program. Trainings are conducted by Wyoming Youth Initiative members Jessica Baxter and Sara Beth Lyon. 

Our Be Somebody programming is based on Cowboy Ethics, a beautifully written book by James P. Owens reminds us of a time and a place when your handshake was as good as a contract; where people drew a line and kept their promises. Inside this book, Owen outlines Ten Principles to Live By; the Code of the West.

To learn more about how to implement the Be Somebody: Cowboy Ethics Program in your school or organization, contact us.

“This class really is not about cowboys at all; it’s about being a better person inside yourself.”

Past Student

Programs for High School Students

Be Somebody, a strategy-based program curriculum for high school students, is built around the 10 Principles of the Code of the West. In an experiential learning setting, through games, activities, writing and discussion, group members seek out and discover the answers to 3 Key Questions:

1) What do I believe?

2) Why do I believe it?

3) How does my life show it?

Programs for Elementary Students

Each month of the elementary version of the Be Somebody program focuses on a different value as outlined Owen’s second book ‘Cowboy Values’.  This program is geared toward younger learners (ages 5-12), and uses the same experiential learning concept to teach youth how we can all live best in a community by showing honor and respect, and living authentically.

Four-Legged Stool

A large and growing body of research has shown that life success depends less on I.Q. and native ability than on qualities of personal character. As social scientists have learned, it is these character qualities that enable someone to pursue a long-term goal, persevere in the face of obstacles, and bounce back from a stumble or fall. Our program focuses on 4 Key Traits:

1) Attitude

2) Integrity

3) Grit

4) Purpose