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 implemented by the Wyoming Youth Initiative

Wyoming Youth Initiative Mission Statement

By establishing an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, we desire to inspire self-discovery in individuals of all ages and backgrounds, helping them build a framework of values and character.

Cowboy Ethics and the Code of the West

ten_principles_cardOur Be Somebody programming is based on Cowboy Ethics, a beautifully written book by James P. Owen, reminds us of a time and a place when your handshake was as good as a contract; where people drew a line and kept their promises.  Inside this book, Owen outlines Ten Principles to Live By; the Code of the West.

Designed to Inspire, Not Instruct

Unlike many character education programs, we don’t try to tell young people what to believe – that never works. We respect their ability to decide for themselves.

As one student put it …
“This class isn’t really about cowboys at all; it’s about being a better person inside yourself.”


Programs for High School Students

Be Somebody, a strategy-based program curriculum for high school students, is built around the 10 Principles of the Code of the West. In an experiential learning setting, through games, activities, writing and discussion, group members seek out and discover the answers to 3 Key Questions:

1) What do I believe?
2) Why do I believe it?
3) How does my life show it?

Programs for Elementary Students

The elementary version of the Be Somebody program is based on Owen’s second book Cowboy Values.

Each month focuses on a different value as outlined in the book. Geared toward younger learners (ages 5-12), this program uses the same experiential learning concept to teach youth how we can all live best in a community by showing honor and respect, and living authentically.

Videos on Cowboy Ethics

The Code of the West

The “Ten Principles to Live By” as described in Jim Owen’s book Cowboy Ethics

1. Live Each Day with Courage

2. Take Pride in Your Work

3. Always Finish What You Start

4. Do What Has to Be Done

5. Be Tough, But Fair

6. When You Make a Promise, Keep It

7. Ride For the Brand

8. Talk Less and Say More

9. Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale

10. Know Where to Draw the Line.